8 Prominent Skills to Master to Crack NIFT Situation Test 2021

NIFT results are out. DAD Think Labs wishes every student good luck who has cracked their NIFT entrance exam 2021. It is a huge success for those who have cleared the first step. However, the second stage is yet to cross. It is the NIFT situation test 2021 which is another step to crack. This round tests your creativity skills and your overall presentation in the design you make.

How Can you Crack NIFT Situation Test 2021
The first step to crack the situation test is to be aware of the previous years’ question papers and rigorous practice of your drawing or creative skills. In the NIFT 2021 situation test, students will be judged on their ability to handle the given set of materials to make 3D models. The candidates must perform well in the NIFT situation test else all their effort will go in vain. There are many best design coaching institutes in Patna that guides you to cross the second phase of NIFT Situation Test.

The Situation Test is something where your creative skills are tested and students are expected to create something exceptional with the materials provided to them. Students, with the use of these materials effectively and efficiently to create a model as per the situation provided. However, to crack NIFT Situation Test 2021, you need to master these 8 prominent skills:

1. Neatness:
Students are expected to design their models neatly by using every element of design and materials. Even they are expected to maintain neatness on the table where they working on their craft skills.

2. Colour scheme:
Colors are one of the crucial elements of design that every student must master. Using colors or a combination of colors to make a live model is mandatory. NIFT expects students to create exceptional models by using various color schemes that look beautiful and attractive.

3. Innovative Ideas:
Synchronizing ideas with colors, materials, and models and creating something innovative are the criteria that every aspirant has to cross while appearing for a situation test. Be innovative. Give some time to rest your mind and generate your ideas at the best.

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4. Aesthetic Appeal:
Aesthetic means something beautiful and artistic. Any art that has aesthetic appeal is highly appreciated and has high scoring probabilities. Give your art such aesthetic appeal that suits the eyes of examiners.

5. Overall Presentation:
Any art or craft needs the skill to present to the audience. The final product has to be presented with great presentation skills. If not practiced well on the presentation part, your art might go unnoticed.

6. Working Methodology:
It’s time to ponder if your entire attention is on the idea and the result. It is imperative to think about the methodologies you will use to create your craft. Define your working methods so that you can create a masterpiece without any time or material-related hassles.

7. Conceptualisation skills:
Generating ideas to craft your skills depends on the concept of whatever you draw. A great conceptualization skill will give your end product an innovation that you might not have expected.

8. Composition of Elements and Creative Use of Materials:
Finally, the model is assessed on space visualisation, innovative and creative use of given material, element composition, the finesse of the model, construction skill, colour scheme, and various other factors.

Be creative and innovative! It’s the only mantra to crack the NIFT situation test 2021. DAD Think Labs wishes you all the best for your situation test.

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