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Discovering NIFT: India's Premier Fashion Institute



The National Institute of Fashion Technology, or NIFT, is a special place for learning about fashion in India. It’s run by the Government of India, specifically under the Ministry of Textiles.

Established in 1986, NIFT has campuses all over India where students can study different aspects of fashion like design, management, and technology. They offer courses in things like making clothes, managing fashion businesses, and designing textiles.

NIFT isn’t just about books and classes. They also organize fashion shows, exhibitions, and meetings with people from the fashion industry. This helps students learn hands-on and connect with professionals.

Being part of the Ministry of Textiles means NIFT has strong ties with international fashion schools and industry partners. This gives students exposure to global fashion trends and ideas.

With support from the government, NIFT continues to shape the future of fashion education in India, helping students become skilled professionals in the fashion world.


The National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) currently operates 18 campuses located across India. It traces its roots back to the establishment of its first campus in Haus Khaz, New Delhi, in 1986. Subsequently, additional campuses were inaugurated in cities like Chennai, Kolkata, Gandhinagar, Hyderabad, and Mumbai in 1995, followed by Bengaluru in 1997. Over the years, the institute expanded its presence further with campuses established in Bhopal (2008), Bhubaneshwar (2010), Jodhpur (2010), Kangra (2009), Kannur (2012), Patna (2008), Raebareli (2007), Shillong (2008), Srinagar (2016), and Panchkula (2022). The latest addition to the NIFT network is the Daman campus, which was established in 2022.


Academic Offerings

Undergraduate programs in fashion design, fashion technology, and fashion management

    1. Bachelor of Design (B.Des) in:
    • Fashion Design
    • Textile Design
    • Accessory Design
    • Knitwear Design
    • Fashion Communication
    • Leather Design  
       2. Bachelor of Fashion Technology (B.F.Tech) in:
    • Apparel Production 


Postgraduate Programs:  

3. Master of Design (M.Des) in:
⦁ Fashion Design
⦁ Textile Design
4. Master of Fashion Management (M.F.M)
5. Master of Fashion Technology (M.F.Tech) in:
⦁ Apparel Production
⦁ Fashion Technology
6. Short-term courses and workshops on various topics related to fashion design, management, and technology.