How to Get Ready for UCEED 2023 in 6 Months?

How to Get Ready for UCEED 2023 in 6 Months DAD Think Labs

UCEED, Undergraduate Common Entrance Examination for Design, is an entrance exam conducted by the IIT Bombay every year for admission in B.Des. It is among the top design entrance exams in India. If you are also a design aspirant and dreamt of going to IIT. You can appear in UCEED. However, you will need to score well in order to make your place on the merit list. 

It is said that to crack the UCEED, aspirants need at least six months to prepare. 

Here are 6 tips to get ready for UCEED 2023 in 6 months

Here are 6 tips to get ready for UCEED 2023 in 6 months


1. Know UCEED Exam Pattern and Marking Scheme 

Information about UCEED exam paper patterns and marking schemes is essential. It gives you an idea about how to prepare for the competitive paper. 

The UCEED 2023 paper will have two parts- Part A and Part B. Part A will have 68 questions. The weightage will be 240 marks, and the candidates will get 2 hours and 30 minutes to solve it. The test checks the candidates’ Language and Creativity, Design Thinking and Problem-Solving skills, Environmental and Social Awareness, Analytical and Logical Reasoning, Visualisation and Spatial Ability, and Observation and Design Sensitivity. 

The questions will be numeric answer types and multiple choice questions. Remember, UCEED cuts marks for wrong questions. 

Part B of the UCEED paper will have one drawing of 60 marks, for which you will get 30 minutes. It tests the candidate’s drawing ability, shading, perspective and proportion. 

2. Practice to Answer Questions in Allotted Times 

In UCEED, you get only 3 hours. If you don’t make a strategy to answer questions in limited hours. You might fail to answer some questions. So, practice answering the questions. Solve the previous year’s paper by putting the timer on and participating in UCEED mock test series online or offline. Besides, practise drawing while keeping an eye on detailing in the limited time frame. 

3. Read Newspaper and Magazines 

Reading Newspapers and Magazines is the best practice to appear for any competitive exams. One hand, where it keeps you updated about current happenings. On the other hand, it increases your communication and writing skills.  

4. Read From Authentic Sources  

To understand the design aspect, theory, and concept, read from authentic sources, books, notes and pdfs. Also, make sure you follow the rule to read from limited sources but multiple times, not multiple sources but one-time. This way of study will not create confusion in your head and will make the concept memorable for a long time. Although, it is quite difficult to figure out which source you should trust for your UCEED preparation. In that case, you can access the updated UCEED study materials of the well-known coaching institute and trust them to read. The study materials include all the important questions, theories, concepts and things for UCEED preparation. 

5. Make Your Study Plan

Since you have very limited time to prepare for UCEED, you will need to plan how you will study in these six months. Your better study plan will only let you score better marks. So, divide the time for your studies. In the first two months, work on your knowledge of the environment, history of Indian art and design, logo designing, design concept etc. In these two months, divide your time to read different subjects. 

Start practising with the previous year’s UCEED papers, do your study with revisions, participate in the UCEED-CEED test series, read the topics you have missed, try to analyse your performance, work on the section which is weak and you are not feeling confident about, grab more knowledge about the part you are good in the 3rd and 4th months. 

In the last two months, try to focus on answering questions in the limited time frame, practising drawing, revising as much as possible, avoiding the study of new things and attempting UCEED tests to check your preparation level. 

6. Join a UCEED Coaching Class

UCEED is a competitive exam. It requires expert guidance. So that the candidate can prepare well for the exam in the limited time frame. In addition, at the UCEED coaching institute, you will receive guidance, well-prepared study materials, and people with similar mindsets and goals, encouraging you to do well. The institute also conducts mock tests to check the preparation level in which you participate and know where you are good and where you need improvement.

Bonus Tips to Crack UCEED 2023

 Bonus Tips to Crack UCEED 2023

  • Read questions carefully and first try to understand their intent before answering them.  
  • Stay updated on the current news and hands-on general knowledge. 
  • Clear your basics before starting your actual preparation. It will help you understand topics more efficiently.  
  • Work on your sketching skills. Focus on details, draw with a different perspective and try to make it communicative. 
  • Speed up your drawing as, how good you are at it. If you fail to draw in 30 minutes during the exam, it will go in vain. 
  • Instead of reading new things, do revisions during the last two months. 
  • Keep checking UCEED 2023 for important dates of UCEED, such as registration, exams and interview. Due to certain reasons, UCEED changes the dates and updates them on its official website.  
  • Follow your study plan daily and dedicate all these 6-month to the UCEED preparation to succeed in cracking the entrance.  
  • During your study, you must take breaks in between. It will help you stay refreshed. 
  • Choose to join the best UCEED coaching class for your exam preparation. 

Is UCEED tough to Crack?

UCEED is competitive; hence it is considered one of the toughest exams. However, with a better strategy to study, it is not so hard. Design aspirants can easily score well in the UCEED and make their path to IIT Bombay, IIT Hyderabad, IIT Delhi, IIT Guwahati, and IIITDM Jabalpur. Apart from IITs, students with good marks in UCEED get admission to various design schools in India. 

Can I Crack UCEED 2023 in Six Months? 

According to aspirants and design alums, six months is enough to crack UCEED. Although, when you start preparing, these six months will end soon. So, consider using this time brilliantly. To save time from looking for notes, better UCEED study materials, and study plans, You can join a UCEED coaching class and prepare well for the entrance exam.

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