How to Prepare for NID Mains and Studio Test Online

How to Prepare for NID Mains and Studio Test Online

The National Institute of Design conducts exams in two phases, NID DAT Prelims and NID DAT Mains, to select students from all across India and abroad for the various design programs offered at its campuses.

NID prelims is a written test consisting of objective and subjective questions of 100 marks. This test helps the examiner determine the suitable candidate who understands design concepts. NID Mains sees if the candidate has material handling knowledge and persona to see the design prospect. It also holds Studio tests and interviews.

After qualifying in DAT prelims, candidates need to come for Studio Test. In the NID Mains, three times the number of students of the available NID seats are called to appear for the Studio Test. At the Test Centre, aspirants are given tasks to do in a given time. These tasks can be doodling, model making, 3D modelling, clay modelling, story illustration, wire moulding, etc.

Students in the studio test are expected to put the right approach and create something unique. So, the student needs to get ready for the entrance exam’s second phase to score good marks.


NID Mains Preparation Tips

  • Start your Mains preparation with Prelims

Please don’t wait for the time to come when the National Institute of Design releases its prelims merit list. Because after the release of the merit list, you will get only one and half months. So, start practising doodling, modelling, 3D modelling, story illustration, etc., at home with your prelims only. 

  • Understand the syllabus of NID Mains and Studio Test

The studio test syllabus includes 2D basic paper shape modelling, 3D complex paper modelling, Live sketching, Thermocol modelling, Clay modelling, Wire moulding, Sculpting, Design models, Working with clothes or threads, and Doodling exercises, etc.

  • Join Online Crash Course

With a good amount of practice and after getting called for NID Mains, join the mains online crash course to save your time and get expert guidance to polish your preparation. You can show your portfolio and your other artistic work for review in the online class.

  • Organise Your Study Time and Revise

Time management is vital when preparing for a highly competitive exam. It will help if you revise daily. Apart from practice sets, drawing mind maps, summary diagrams and having discussions with friends and groups will spice up your NID entrance exam preparation.

  • Focus on Audio-Visual Testing

During the Studio test, the audio-visual capacity of candidates is also measured. So work on observational skills. Whenever you watch something like a poster on the street, children playing in the park, etc., observe each happening. 

  • Stay Positive

Positivity in yourself is essential throughout your preparation and even during the test and interview. Your positive energy towards your new start will boost your confidence and let you live calmly and free from stress. With a positive attitude, you will also be able to perform well during your exams. 

  • Make a Portfolio

Collect all of your good works to show during your interview round in mains. Try to make it lightweight. You can also make a digital copy of your portfolio and pictures of your work which is hard to carry to the Mains centre. A portfolio plays a vital role in the interview. 

  • Solve the Previous Year’s Paper

Solving the previous year’s paper will also give you a fair idea about the exam. It is the best exercise you can do to learn time management. Solving the previous year’s paper will also help you understand the exam pattern. 

Appear for Mock test and interview to understand the actual exam environment. It helps you manage time and will give you a better perspective of yourself. In the mock test, you will get a picture of your weaknesses that you can work on and the strengths you need to balance till your exam and beyond.

Students should follow a routine and regularly practice test series to perform well in the main examination. Dedication and sincerity are crucial to success in any competitive exam. However, the guidance of design experts will make your career path easy.


Things to Do During Studio Test Preparation

  • Practice doodling, modelling, 3D modelling, story illustration, etc., and try to finish at a particular time. Use A4 sheets for practising sketches. 
  • Try to understand the features of different materials and study them. 
  • Spend your time with artistic work and people who value art. 
  • Observe your surroundings and try to illustrate them.
  • Ask for a review of your work from your family, friends, and teachers.

Things to Do During NID Interview Preparation

  • Create a portfolio that represents your artistic work and carry them with you during the NID interview. Remember, your portfolio should hold only quality work, not lots of work. 
  • Try to speak in front of a mirror to build confidence and take control of your body language. Your nonverbal communication skill and confidence talk a lot about you. 
  • Study about some of your favourite designers and their designs.
  • Participate in group discussion to imminent your hesitation. 
  • Make yourself prepared for questions like ‘why you want to get admission to NID’ or ‘what change you will bring to the design industry,’ etc. 

Why Should I Do NID Mains Preparation? 

NID has National importance values, and getting admission to it is the dream of many design aspirants. 

Though your mind is clear about NID and your design career, you need to be prepared for NID Mains. As NID calls almost three times more students than the number of seats, it is very competitive.

Should I Join a Coaching Class for NID Preparation? 

You can prepare for NID on your own. But joining a coaching class will be a plus point for your preparation. Here, you will meet experienced faculty who will guide you throughout your NID preparation and keep you on track. You will also meet your batchmates with whom you can do group activities that will be proven valuable during your test or interview round. 

You will also receive study materials to prepare NID mains and studio tests in coaching classes. At the institute, you will be able to participate in mock studio tests that will provide the same environment you will see during the actual exam. With this help, you will get a better perspective of the exam pattern that will help you during the real test.

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Join the DAD Think Labs class to smoothen your preparation and stand out during your NID mains and studio test.