Join Free Design Career Webinar to Get Expert Guidance

DAD Think Labs, India’s leading institute, is organising the biggest online webinar for career counselling of design aspirants. If you are someone who wants to make a career in design and fashion, then this webinar is for you!

Be free on 04th December 2022 at 11 AM to join the seminar and receive eye-opening guidance from experts. The webinar will be in virtual mode at Google Meet

DAD Think Labs is a hub for the best preparation of NIFT, NID, UCEED entrance exams. It offers various courses to prepare for NID B. Des, NID M. Des, NIFT B. Des, NIFT BF Tech, NIFT M. Des, NIFT MF Tech, NIFT MFM, UCEED, and CEED.

Key Feature of the Design Webinar

  • Get Tips from Design Educators of Top Design Colleges 

Design educators will give you tips for starting preparation, choosing colleges and courses in the seminar. Apart they will make you able to see all design prospects and establish your career in this field.

  • Meet Many Similar-Minded People

In the seminar, there will be multiple people like you. Therefore, you will get an opportunity to interact with them and be with them in the process of understanding what you want to do. Meeting identical-minded people will not only give you support but will increase your confidence and lead to a better design career. 

  • Attend the Webinar From Your Comfort

You don’t need to travel from one place to another to be part of the biggest career drive webinar. The webinar is in virtual mode. You can log in to it from any location comfortably. 

  • Join the Meeting With Parents

It has been seen, Indian parents don’t get convenience easily for making a career in design. They only see scope as engineers and doctors. DAD Think Labs has decided to break this stereotype together. The Lab is asking students to join the free live webinar with parents, so they can get an idea about it and understand the demand for designers. 

  • Presence of DAD Think Labs Mentors

Apart from Educators of top colleges, mentors from the DAD Think Labs will be present in the webinar to give more clarity about the preparation of NIFT, NID, and UCEED tests. You will also receive guidance for the preparation from industry’s most experienced designers. 

  • Separate Time for Your Doubts Clearance 

When all the ideas, concepts, and thoughts will be delivered, many questions will come into your and your parents’ minds. There will be a separate time to answer all your doubts in the webinar.

Highlights of the Design Career Webinar

Webinar touches on various points of the career’s scope. It clears your doubt and makes your decision stronger. This design career webinar is a great opportunity for design aspirants. It will highlight eight major queries that generally haunt the mind when you think to make your way toward Designer, Architect, and Artist. 

  1. Choosing the Right Career 

Isn’t it the first question that arises when you think of making your mind do something different in design? Like what is right for you; you are interested in apparel, leather, accessories, or games. Where you want to lead, and you find everything either super interesting or ‘not your cup of tea.’ The seminar will talk about all the career options and present an overview of each option that will help you choose the best one for yourself.  

  1. What do Designers, Artists, and Architects do?

The webinar will highlight the work culture, responsibility, and challenges of the designers, artists, and architects. It will talk about what an architect, a designer, and an artist actually do. How they establish their career, follow their passion, and stick to provide a better finish on which they are working. This session will also talk about the ethics of the design field. 

  1. Future Career Prospects in Design and Fashion Industries

Whenever you decide on something to do, It is natural to think about its future prospects. The experts will talk about all the future career prospects in the design and fashion industries, from how to bag good placements in it, getting a nice job in other countries or within the nation to becoming a new unicorn of the fashion world. 

  1. Information about Entrance Exams of Top Design, Arts & Architecture Colleges such as NID /NIFT /UCEED / NATA / JEE Paper-II

The session will focus on how you can lead your career in design. The experts will inform you about various entrance exams conducted by top design, arts & architectural colleges such as NID/NIFT/UCEED/NATA/JEE. They will also suggest the best colleges as per your course priority and which entrance exam will benefit you more in getting to that particular college. 

  1. Eligibility Criteria for the Design and Fashion Entrance Exams

The webinar will also highlight the eligibility criteria like Age limitation, minimum marks required to appear in exams, minimum qualification, etc., for the design and fashion entrance exams. 

  1. Syllabus, Examination Pattern, and Important Dates of the Examination

You also get an overview of the syllabus, examination pattern of various entrance tests like NID/NIFT/UCEED, important dates of filling out the application form for the different exams, date of NIFT written test, NID Prelims NID Mains, UCEED, NIFT situation test, etc. 

  1. Fee Structure and Scholarships Programs

Another big question is how much money you can invest in yourself. Which kind of scholarships are there to support the design aspirants? The webinar will also light on the fee structure of different colleges and scholarships programs available for you. 

  1. Job and Placements of Colleges

The webinar will also highlight the percentage of placement from different colleges. It will tell you which college provides high placements and different companies offering jobs to design, fashion, and architecture graduates. 

How to Join the Design Webinar?

  • For joining the webinar, visit the DAD Think Labs website
  • Fill in the basic information in the registration form like your name, city, phone number, email id, etc.
  • Choose your ‘registration for’ from different options such as NID B. Des 2023, NID M. Des 2023, NIFT B. Des 2023, etc. 
  • Click on the submit button.
  • You will receive a Google Meet link to your email.
  • Now, wait for the day to come and join the webinar. 

Alternatively, you can also chat with DAD Think Labs on WhatsApp and get the link to the webinar. 

Summary: DAD Think Labs is a well-known preparation centre for NIFT, NID, and UCEED entrance exams. It offers multiple online and offline classes for NIFT, NID, and UCEED preparation. It has trained over 15000 students for cracking the entrance exams of prestigious design colleges like the National Institute of Fashion Technology, National Institute of Design, IIT Bombay, IIT Guwahati, IIT Delhi, etc.

DAD Think Labs promises to provide a brainstorming session for your bright future!