1. How do I log in to the NID online exam platform?

Ans :To access the online exam platform, you generally need to follow these steps:

  • Visit the Official Website
  • Look for the Login Page
  • Enter Your Credentials
  • Access Your Account
  • Follow Instructions
  • Take the Exam

2. What is the format of the NID online exam? (Multiple choice questions, subjective questions, etc.)

Ans :NID entrance exams usually consist of two stages:

    • Preliminary Exam: This stage often involves a written exam with multiple-choice questions (MCQs) and/or subjective questions
    • Main Exam: This stage might also include studio tests, interviews, and portfolio presentations

    3. What is the time limit for each section in NIFT online exam?

    Ans :In the NID entrance exam, which typically consists of two parts – Part A and Part B – the time limits for each section might be distributed as follows:

    • Part A:Part A might be around 3 hours.
    • Part B:Part B might be around 2 to 3 hours.

    4. Are there any breaks between CAT & GAT sections in NID in online exam?

    Ans :If NID has transitioned to an online format for their entrance exams, they might also include short breaks between the CAT and GAT sections.

    5. What are the different sections of the exam  in NIFT exam ?

    Ans :The National Institute of Design (NID) entrance exam typically consists of two main stages:

    1. Preliminary Exam:
      • Design Aptitude Test (DAT)
      • Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)
      • Visual and Spatial Ability
      • Observation Skills
    2. Main Exam:
      • Studio Test
      • Portfolio Presentation
      • Interview

    6. How are marks assigned in NID online exam ?

    Ans :Generally, the NID DAT exam involves both subjective and objective components. Here’s a general overview of how marks might be assigned in the NID DAT online exam:

    • Objective Questions:There might be negative marking for incorrect answers, which means you lose some marks for each wrong response.
    • Subjective Questions:Marks for subjective questions are often assigned based on the depth of your ideas, creativity, presentation, and how well you address the given problem.
    • Studio Test:Marks are assigned based on your performance in the studio test.
    • Portfolio&Interview: Marks are assigned based on the quality and relevance of your work to the program you’re applying for. Interview Marks might be assigned based on your performance

    7. Are some questions worth more marks than others?

    Ans :Yes, in many educational settings, some questions are worth more marks than others. This grading approach is commonly used to reflect the complexity, depth, and importance of the concepts being tested. Generally, questions that require more critical thinking, demonstrate a deeper understanding of the material, or involve complex problem-solving tend to carry more marks.

    8. Are there any specific rules or guidelines I need to follow during the online exam?

    Ans :NID (National Institute of DESIGN) online exam might vary. It’s crucial to refer to the official instructions provided by NIFT for accurate and up-to-date information. Here are some common guidelines to consider:

    • Technical Requirements
    • Time Management
    • Read Instructions
    • Question Types
    • Answer Format
    • Review
    • Submission

    9. What items are allowed/not allowed on desk during the NID online exam?

    Ans :Keep in mind that these guidelines can vary between institutions and exams, so it’s important to refer to the official guidelines provided by NID or your exam proctor.

    Allowed on Desk:

    • Computer or laptop: The device you’ll be using to take the exam.
    • Scratch paper: Some exams might permit scratch paper for calculations or notes.
    • Exam materials: Any materials provided or specified by NIFT for the exam.

    Usually Not Allowed on Desk:

    • Mobile phones
    • Tablets or additional devices
    • Notes or textbooks
    • Food and drinks
    • Analog or smartwatches

    10. How can I effectively manage my time during the exam to complete all sections in NID online exam?

    Ans : Effectively managing your time during the NID online exam is crucial to ensure you can complete all sections. Here’s a strategic approach to help you allocate your time wisely:

    • Familiarize Yourself with the Exam Structure
    • Divide Your Time Equally
    • Prioritize Based on Your Strengths
    • Allocate Time per Question
    • Stick to the Time Limit
    • Stay Calm and Focused
    • Review and Double-Check
    • Practice Time Management

    11. How are questions distributed among different sections and topics in NID online exam?

    Ans :The NID entrance exam usually consists of two parts:

    1. Part A:
    2. Visual perception
    3. Analytical reasoning
    4. Environmental awareness
    5. eneral knowledge
    6. Current affairs
    7. Design terminology
    • Part B:Evaluates your drawing and sketching skills. It may include questions that require you to draw or sketch based on given prompts. This section aims to assess your ability to visualize and represent ideas visually.

    12. How are marks allocated for each question in NIFT  GAT online exam?

    Ans :The National Institute of Design  (NID) General Ability Test (GAT) typically follows a specific pattern for allocating marks to each question in their online exams

    • Total Marks: The total marks for the NID GAT can vary, but it’s usually around 100 marks.
    • MCQs: Multiple-choice questions Carry 2 or more marks.
    • Numerical Answer Type: Marks allotted to such questions might be clearly stated in the exam instructions.
    • Descriptive Questions:Marks based on the complexity and depth of the response.
    • Negative Marking:Every incorrect answer, a certain fraction of marks might be deducted from your total score.

    13. How is NID marks calculated?

    Ans : The marks account for preliminary 40% for the weightage. The studio  test marks have 60% weightage in calculating the final merit score of the student in the NID entrance examination. 

    Type of QuestionNo. of QuestionsMarks for Each Question
    Objective type questionsQuestions 1 to 141 mark
    Questions 15 to 222 marks
    Subjective type questionsQuestion No. 2315 marks
    Question No. 2420 marks

    14. Are there any specific guidelines or instructions provided by NID for the online exam?

    Ans : For an online exam conducted by an educational institution like NID, you might expect the following guidelines or instructions:

    • Technical Requirements
    • Guidelines and Rules
    • Admit Card
    • Login Information
    • Exam Format
    • Exam Timing
    • Exam Duration 
    • SubmissionQuestion Presentation

    15. Is there a helpline or support available during the NIFT online exam in case of technical issues?

    Ans :The National Institute of Dessign (NID) had not provided specific information about helplines or technical support during their online exams. However, NID or any educational institution usually does offer some form of technical support during online exams to assist students in case of technical difficulties. This information might have changed since then, so I recommend visiting the official NID website or contacting their admissions or technical support team directly to get the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding technical support during online exams.