NIFT, the Best Career Option After 12th

NIFT, the Best Career Option After 12th

Old days are gone when students used to see their careers as a Doctor, Engineer or Government employee. Today, there are multiple career options after the 12th that students can select from. A career in design and fashion is one of them. NIFT is considered one of the top choices for students who want to make their career in Fashion design. 

National Institute of Fashion Technology, NIFT is one of the leading institutes of Fashion education in India. The institute trains and makes the students capable enough to work in textile and apparel design industries. Aluma of NIFT is always seen to do great work across India or even in foreign countries. After clearing intermediate exams, students can do a bachelor’s in design to become a design professional. Moreover, aspirants can also go for a design career after under-graduation. Institutes like NIFT offer master’s programmes to the students.

Why Choose NIFT

Why Choose NIFT?

  1. National Institute – NIFT is a National institute which has a global-level reputation. It means with the institute degree and knowledge, you can get a job anywhere easily all over the world and even start your own things. 
  1. Diversified Courses- Being in NIFT, one can choose to make a career in a diversified field. There are various NIFT courses for undergraduate and postgraduate programmes, including Fashion Design, Leather Design, Accessory Design, Textile Design, Knitwear Design, Fashion Communication etc. 
  1. PAN India Presence – NIFT campuses are in multiple cities such as Bangalore, Bhopal, Jaipur, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Patna, Raibarely, Jodhpur etc. NIFT has 18 campuses all across India. 
  1. Practical Experience – College days are about learning and experimenting with new things. NIFT courses are completely practical. You experiment, create, and build new things. Moreover, you also need to do on-the-job training with different firms during your course. These internships help you to learn practical things that you can apply in future. 
  1. Placement Cells – Placement cells are not something you need to depend on when you are in NIFT. Trust yourself- you are capable enough to get a job, do business, or achieve things you dream of. However, NIFT has placement cells in which multiple MNC and national companies participate and provide jobs to design graduates.
Career Options after NIFT

Career Options after NIFT 

After graduating from NIFT, students can go into media houses, the fashion industry, the film industry as makeup or costume designers, textile mills, boutiques, leather companies, jewellery stores, garment stores, graphic designing, fashion tech industry etc. Students are offered various job profiles. Some of these are: 

Fashion Designer 

It is the most common and well-known job profile in the fashion industry. Initially, most candidates start their careers as a designer. The design career ranges much more than just costume design. It can be leather designing, apparel designing, accessory designing, textile designing, knitwear designing etc. The main objective of this job role is to create exclusive products and designs according to the latest trend and fashion. 

Fashion Illustrators

Fashion illustration is another field. You can explore your career in this profession if you are much more interested in sketching, painting etc. This role involves creating the design in digital or paper format according to the designer’s instructions. 

Fashion Communicator

If you are a good communicator and interested in fashion, you can represent the industry in front of people. You can be a fashion photographer, writer, editor and vlogger. You can also join fashion magazines and TV news channels. 

Fashion Stylist

If you are someone who has an understanding of which look will suit someone. Then the profession of fashion stylist is for you after graduating from NIFT. You can explore yourself as a fashion stylist. In this job, you will need to coordinate with your client and create a suitable look for them for certain events. 

Fashion Coordinator

This profession is for students who are interested in advertising, event management, marketing etc. The coordinator takes care that everything works smoothly. 

Fashion Consultant

As a consultant, you can bring out great ideas about fashion. And for that, you need to be updated with the latest trends of fashion as well as the concept behind each change in fashion. In a job role, you will be responsible for providing ideas regarding the development of the product. 

How Can I Get Admission to NIFT?

Getting into NIFT requires you to crack a national-level entrance exam. Actually, the National Institute of Fashion Technology conducts the NIFT entrance exam each year to take admission in its 18 campuses, including its new campus at Daman. You will need to crack the exam to get admitted to NIFT. You can read about tips to crack NIFT in six months. The NIFT entrance exam for under-graduation programmes is conducted in two phases- NIFT CAT and GAT. 

How Can I Prepare for the NIFT Entrance Exam?

You can either do self-study for the preparation or take NIFT coaching class online or offline. The institute will help you figure out a study plan and even provide  NIFT study materials for studies, including video lectures, pdfs, notes and books. In addition, for the actual exam preparation, the institute even conducts test series. You can participate in the NIFT mock test series to know your exam preparation level. It will help you figure out your preparation’s strong and weak points. On which you can work before the actual exam.  

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