Tips to Crack NIFT in Six Months

Tips to Crack NIFT in Six Months DAD Think Labs

The National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) organises one of the top entrance exams for fashion design aspirants. It consists of a national-level competition that demands the student to have the proper strategy to ace it. 

NIFT entrance exam is conducted in two stages. One is written text that holds the Creative Ability Test (CAT) and General Ability Test (GAT), and the other is the NIFT situation test

Students who want to make a career in design have a few months for NIFT preparation.

Here are some tips to prepare for the NIFT entrance exam in less time:

  1. Follow the 4 P’s of Preparation

    The first thing to do before starting your preparation is to make a timetable for your studies, drawing and other activities. As less time is left, you will require consistency. Also, consider the following 4 p’s of preparation, i.e., Patience, Perseverance, Persistence, and Practice for these 180 days. Take it as a challenge and stick to your routine if you are determined to crack the nut of NIFT. 

  2. Choose Reading From fewer Sources but Multiple Times:

    Don’t read the same thing from multiple sources. It may lead to a waste of time. Focus on studying content from a single source multiple times so that you understand design concepts, philosophy and colour theories efficiently. It will also help you to not get confused. You can refer to the NIFT study materials for your NIFT 6-month’s preparation.  

  3. Read More Than Syllabus: 

    Current affairs and static GK play a crucial role in any exam. It helps the examiner in checking the candidate’s awareness of their surroundings. NIFT GAT exam consists of a section of general knowledge of 25 marks. But reading all the newspapers is impossible. Various current affairs magazines and pdfs are available; you can consider reading selective topics. You may focus on reading about the news related to the fashion industry, famous and upcoming designers, actors, fashion bloggers, stylists etc. 

  4. Practice With Different Materials:

    In NIFT situation tests, you will be required to make models using different materials. So in these limited times, try to get your hand free on handling materials. Practice design making using wire, clay, thermocol, paper, cardboard, different fabric types, needles, straw etc.  

  5. Sketch a Lot but Say No to Supportive Tools:

    Sketch what you observe in daily life, and see in newspapers, magazines, journals, and posters. But during sketching, avoid using erasers or scales and do freehand drawing. Sketching is crucial in the NIFT CAT test, so try harder and dedicate yourself to drawing. Try new stuff and be creative. Also, keep in mind to start your sketch with a light shade and make it bold after you develop your design. It maintains the neatness of your work.

  6. Work on Detailing:

    Details of your sketch and artistic touch make your work different from other thousands of works and give it a sense of originality. Put details in the outfit, human face, accessories or wherever required. Detailing will make your design more interesting and catch the examiner’s eyes. The examiner notices the candidates’ presentation of work. So, pay attention to the neatness of your design, colour scheme, space visualisation, construction skill, innovative and creative use of given material, the fitness of the model, composition of elements and overall presentation. 

  7. Attempt Test Series:

    Mock tests play a vital role in keeping your preparation on the right track. Once you clear all the major topics and gain confidence, participate in the NIFT test series and solve NIFT previous years’ question papers to measure your preparation level. The test series will help you determine your strengths and weaknesses.    

  8. Learn Time Management:

    Time Management is an art you must learn not only to crack the NIFT entrance exam but also to live a better life. During your NIFT preparation, your time is very important, especially when you have started your NIFT preparation just six months before the actual exam. Try to solve complex questions, work on sketching and model making in the best possible way but in limited time. During the exam, you will get a fixed time in which you will need to solve all the questions, make models and sketch. Also, for exams, remember to not spend much time on a single question if it takes a long time to solve it. 

  9. Join Coaching Class:

    You might not be able to handle the preparation of the NIFT CAT, GAT and Situation tests altogether. NIFT Coaching classes will help you do your preparation in an organised order. The NIFT coaching class offers a six-month NIFT preparation crash course to guide the students throughout the preparation and prepare them to ace the entrance exam.

  10. Stay Motivated:

    Staying motivated throughout your preparation is important. You may confront ups and downs during your preparation or feel that NIFT is not your cup of tea. That is a challenge for you. Leave behind all your thoughts and stay positive. Do regular exercises to keep calm. As if you live peacefully, your mind will be more creative.
Can you prepare for NIFT in Six months DAD Think Labs

Can you prepare for NIFT in Six months?

Yes! With the right study materials, expert guidance, an understanding of exam patterns, basic knowledge of drawing and designing, a creative mind, and these valuable tips, you can take your NIFT preparation to a high level in just six months and crack the exam.

How to prepare for the NIFT entrance exam in six months DAD Think Labs

How to prepare for the NIFT entrance exam in six months?

If you are about to start your NIFT preparations. Maintaining consistency and improving your observational and drawing skills are essential. Most importantly, this limited period demands you to dedicate yourself fully to NIFT preparation for your bright design career. Apart, enrol yourself in a NIFT preparation course offered by any reputed NIFT coaching class. NIFT classes will keep you on the right path and offer you study materials, video courses, guidance, test series, tips and tricks to perform well in actual NIFT entrance tests.

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You can join the institute for your NIFT Entrance Exam Preparation.