Why NIFT Jewellery Design Courses Are Best for Your Career

Why NIFT Jewellery Design Courses Are Best for Your Career-DAD Think Labs

Jewellery, one’s personal choice, is highly associated with society and region’s culture, values, and tradition. People love their jewellery more than anything, especially we Indians. Whether it’s a small occasion or a big royal wedding, we proudly wear our customised jewellery and flaunt it. For Indians, jewellery has been the main accessory for a long time. We have endless varieties of it: rings, earrings, bangles, chains, toe rings, anklets, bracelets, waist belts, necklaces, and many more. 

In India, buying jewellery is also considered a real estate investment if we talk about silver, gold, platinum, and diamond jewellery, which keeps its market demand high. The design and artistry have changed with time, which asks for more fineness and creativity in jewellery. Besides, new materials like city gold, copper, brass, stainless steel, pearl, clay, nuts, seeds, wood, stone, glass and plastic have been introduced into the industry, which transformed the jewellery market and increased the value of designer jewellery. 

Jewellery design courses have emerged as one of the fascinating areas of design which provides stable and continuous growth in the career. The National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) also sees jewellery designing as an emerging traditional and global fashion industry sector.

Why One Should Opt for a Jewellery Designing Course From NIFT?​

The National Institute of Fashion Technology is one of the top national design institutes. The value of the institute is not only recognised in Indian markets but across the world. It also updates its curriculum according to the demand of the fashion industry. If you pursue a Jewellery designing course from NIFT, you might receive more exposure and practical knowledge as compared to other institutes. It is also a fact that Alumni of this fashion institute get higher job packages. However, doing Jewellery designing from NIFT is not only limited to taking a high profile job but it’s more about developing your creativity and ideas in the nice environment of this fashion institute.

Details of NIFT Jewellery Designing Course

NIFT offers an Accessory Design course for under-graduation, covering jewellery as the main subject, body gears, craft, home accessories, furniture, footwear, bag, and interior as supporting subject areas. The course offers diversified career options in product and lifestyle accessories designing. 

The course curriculum includes experimentation with thoughts, ideas, and materials to innovate, create unique designs, and consolidate them. The jewellery course activity asks the students to do proper research and try to understand the tradition, culture, and concept of jewellery in different regions of India and emerge the output with their ideas. In jewellery design, it is crucial to understand design’s broader cultural and social context to succeed in the domestic market and influence the international market. 

The program encourages the students to explore old styles and adopt a new spectrum of design. Students of Accessory Design are highly instructed to learn the traditional craft techniques and use those techniques with intelligent digital tools for designing jewellery. 

The 4-years program comprises lectures, Projects (studio, live & collaborative), Group work, Field trips (traditional & contemporary), Self-study, Presentations & reflections to make students ready for the market.

How to Get Into the NIFT Jewellery Course?

You can pursue jewellery designing courses after the 12th. To pursue the jewellery courses from the most reputed fashion and design institute, NIFT, you need to qualify for the institute’s entrance exam. NIFT entrance exam is a highly competitive design test and is hard to crack. 

However, it is not impossible as people like you and me only go to the institute. To qualify for the entrance, you need to acquire the creative skills and be interested in jewellery making, study properly, and receive the best mentorship to balance your strength and weakness.

You may join the best NIFT coaching class for your better NIFT preparation. You will receive expert guidance from qualified professionals at the coaching institute, NIFT study materials for your self-study, and test series to feel the actual exam environment.

Career Options After Pursuing Jewellery Making Course

After completing the course, the student gets enough practical and theoretical knowledge to make their niche in the jewellery market and take their career high with big companies like Tanishq, PC Jewellers, Reliance, Kalyan’s Jewellers, Titan, Tata etc. Students can also do experiments as a professional and revolutionise jewellery designing. 

The jewellery design graduate can become a product developer, graphic designer, market researcher, ornament designer, diamond grader and sorter, gold designer, jewellery consultant, brand manager, product manager, etc. 

Gold necklace design, gold bangles design, nose pin design, and designer earrings are the most in-demand; freshening up hand on gold designing can take the newly designer up in the Indian Jewellery market. Diamonds are also highly demandable jewellery material in the upper and middle classes. Besides, working with newly introduced jewellery materials will also give upcoming designers a vast market to succeed.

How to Be a Successful Jewellery Designer?

To be a designer, it is vital to properly understand design concepts, market demand, culture, tradition, and people’s preferences. If you wish to be a successful jewellery designer, you need creative hands and an experimental mind who understands the modern market and values tradition. 

Jewellery is compassionate for many, especially when made with costly materials for weddings, anniversaries, and gifts. So it is positive for your career if you can connect yourself with people’s emotions. 

To be successful in the future, in the beginning, you can do extensive research on tradition, culture, market demand, old designs etc. You can also work as an intern with top brands. But the first step is to pursue a jewellery design course to gain a basic understanding of different kinds of jewellery materials, demands and market value.

What Is a Jewellery Designing Course?

The jewellery design course is a product design course that immerses jewellery as the main subject. It is a professional course. The National Institute of Fashion Technology offers accessory designing courses for careers in jewellery design.

Where to Study Jewellery Design?

You can pursue a bachelor’s degree in jewellery design from any reputed institute that offers specific product design courses, accessory design courses or lifestyle design courses which cover jewellery as a primary topic. The best place to study jewellery design is NIFT, which offers lots of exposure to the students and provides in-depth knowledge to make a jewellery-making career. 

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