India's Biggest Test Series of NIFT Situation Test

The common tools, equipments to be used by the candidates

    1. Metallic scale- 12 Inches
    2. Paper Cutter
    3. Geometry Box- A Complete set
    4. A pair of scissors
    5. Fevicol Tube
    6. Cello Tape
    7. Cutting Mat or a Glass Slab for self practicing
      (Might not be allowed in the examination hall)
    8. Handy Plast- For emergency


Rules and Regulations

  1. Only registered students will be given access to all the resources of DAD.
  2. Do register yourself online to be added to the group.
  3. The Test Starts at 10 AM daily.
  4. The Test Finishes at 1 PM daily.
  5. Candidate must follow the strict deadlines in those three hours.
  6. Candidates can Download the TEST PAPERS (8:30 AM – 9:30 AM).
  7. Once you finish the work and the write-up, make a full VIDEO of your model from all possible sides.
  8. The video must be made from Front, Top, Left, Right and Back.
  9. Send your Videos on the group for the feedback from your friends till 1:30 PM.
  10. No videos will be accepted after 1:30 PM.
  11. For individual feedbacks from the mentors, you will have to join the PAID GROUP.
  12. PAID GROUP Fee is INR 1000 for the complete preparation.
  13. (24×7) Audio feedbacks and online feedbacks will be provided individually to the PAID Members.
  14. Random Feedbacks shall be given to FREE Group Members as reference.
  15. No works will be assessed without the Write-Ups.


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